Giving at Your Workplace

Choose to Designate Your Contribution to CASA-CAN 

Community workplace campaigns allow you to make a decision when you contribute your hard earned money. You can let volunteers determine how to best spend it. Or you can choose to invest your dollars how you see fit. If you choose to make a contribution through a community giving campaign you can designate your gift to go to CASA-CAN. Inquire to see if your employer matches your donation and ask that they also designate CASA-CAN (or it will go to the community campaign.)

Many employers show community support by encouraging 100% participation, and if you choose to give directly to CASA-CAN we will verify your contribution to your employer. You may choose to do this since a minimum administrative fee is assessed on your contribution through workplace campaigns. 

Note: Every gift is cherished! However, in these campaigns CASA-CAN will be not be notified until the following year for gifts under $500. So, just know that you are appreciated!


Donate directly

Your donation works

Your donation will help support the work of volunteers who protect a child's rights and ensures their best interests. A contribution of any amount will support the work of CASA guardians ad litem, the futures of local children and the future of our community. 

In Honor - In Memory
Make a contribution in honor of someone special or as a gift for a special occasion. 

A gift in memory of a family member or friend will keep their memory alive.


Tax Deductible
CASA-CAN is a private, non-profit organization, and as such all contributions are tax deductible.

CASA-CAN is an IRS designated 501(c)(3) organization. 


Your investment:

  • Helps ensure Volunteer Advocates receive training, mentoring and appropriate tools to effectively advocate for a child's needs.

  • Supports the ongoing work of Volunteer Advocates providing strong advocacy for the child they serve.

  • Reaches potential Volunteer Advocates in the effort to serve more children who have suffered abuse or neglect.

  • Works to break the cycle of child abuse in this generation.

  • Helps ensure that children aren't in foster care for longer than necessary. 

  • Gives children a voice to ensure they receive essential services. 

  • Helps protect the rights of abused or neglected children.

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