Community Impact on Child Abuse Prevention


As a CASA Advocate, you will make an impact on a child's life.

Over 600 children have been in foster care in Cascade County so far this year, making the need for child Advocates critical.

All year long CASA-CAN is committed and focused on working with our community to combat child abuse, its causes and its effects.  


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Report Child Abuse or Neglect


DO NOT call your local CPS (Child Protective Services) office. 

When making a report of suspected abuse or neglect:

  1. Be specific. Tell exactly what happened and when. Be sure to record all injuries or incidents you have observed, including dates and time of day and keep this information secured.
  2. Give agency personnel any information you have about the relationship between the child and the suspected abuser.
  3. Be prepared to provide the following information.
    1. Name, age, and address of the child
    2. Brief description of the child
    3. Current injuries, medical problems, or behavioral problems
    4. Parents’ names and names of siblings in the home (if you have this information).
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