Child abuse is often revealed at the beginning of the school year

Child abuse is often revealed at the beginning of the school year

Domestic Violence   

According to OJJDP The potential for harm to children exposed to violence is considerable. In the short term, children’s lives are often radically disrupted when their parents, loved ones, or they themselves are harmed. A range of feelings is evoked, including helplessness, hopelessness, fear, and aggression, among others.

The long-term effects can be devastating, including difficulties in school, work, and relationships and physical and mental health problems. Children exposed to violence may be re-victimized later in life, or they may become victimizers themselves, as studies indicate that children exposed to violence are at greater risk of perpetrating violent acts. 

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a time to bring attention to how violence in the home affects children. 

Children are waiting for their Advocate, so contact us today to sign up for the January 2015 training session. Or, if you don't feel advocacy is your forte but you have other expertise to offer - we can always use extra hands/thoughts/ideas.

No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child
— Abraham Lincoln
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Consider the gift of hope, family and futures. A safe, permanent home should be something a child expects, not dreams about. Whether you can give time or contribute monetarily, you will help support a child's future and contribute to keeping our community whole and healthy.

A one time gift or an automatic monthly or quarterly contribution supports guardians ad litem in their work advocating for children who cannot speak for themselves.

It's safe and easy to give online. And what better gift can you give than to make a donation in memory of a friend or family member? A special someone would be honored to have a part in protecting our children.  

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Your company may have a matching gift program that will  augment your contribution. Inquires can usually be made at the company's benefits office.

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