Give a Gift of Hope

When you make a donation to CASA-CAN you are helping to ensure that a safe, permanent home is a reality rather than a dream for a child who has been hurt at the hands of someone who is supposed to care for him. Whether you can give time or contribute monetarily, you will help support a child's future and contribute to keeping our community whole and healthy. It's safe and easy to give online.  A one time gift or an automatic monthly or quarterly contribution supports guardians ad litem in their work advocating for children who cannot speak for themselves. Consider making a donation in memory of a friend or family member. It's an honor to have a part in protecting our children.  

Every day in Cascade County a child becomes the victim of abuse, neglect or abandonment. Every. Day. CASA-CAN is the one program that provides long term advocacy for these children, giving them a voice and an opportunity for a positive future. It takes caring, committed individuals to provide what every child deserves: hope. Contact CASA-CAN today.