No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child
— Abraham Lincoln

"The Talk" about suicide, hosted by CASA-CAN and presented by Karl Rosston, will be held on September 11 at Benefis Healthcare Auditorium. Owen Robinson & Jeanne Dubois, LCPC, will talk about life after suicide and the issues those left behind deal with. 12 noon - 2:30 pm

Volunteer - Advocate

The numbers of children needing an Advocate have climbed to critical levels over the last several years. And each one of these children have a story. No fairy tales. No 'live happily ever after' endings here. Just the hard realization that there really are children who have lived in squalor, have been left alone for several days, raped or born drug addicted. Advocates can help change the story-line. Guardians ad litem are trained to protect the rights of child(ren) and speak in their best interest to ensure that in the end the children are in a safe, loving and permanent home.

These children may be next door, down the street or in that nicely kept house over there. Whoever and wherever they are, if they have been hurt by the very person who was supposed to protect them, they need an advocate. They need a voice.

Contact us if you don't feel advocacy is your forte but you have other expertise to offer - we can always use extra hands/thoughts/ideas.

More information available at 406.454.6738 or

Donate Now

Join Us to Change  Futures

A safe, permanent home should be something a child expects, not dreams about. Children right here in our community are hurt, neglected, abused and need our help. Whether you can give time or contribute monetarily, you will help support a child's future and contribute to keeping our community whole and healthy.

However and whatever you can give will support guardians ad litem in their working advocating for children who cannot speak for themselves.

Consider the gift of hope, family and futures. 

It's safe and easy to give online. You can make a donation in memory of a friend or family member or as a special gift to that special someone who would be honored to have a part in protecting our children. Consider an automatic monthly or quarterly contribution. 

If you prefer you can send your contribution to:

325 2nd Ave N
Great Falls MT 59401

However you choose to give, your contribution helps provide a CASA-CAN move closer to providing a guardian ad litem to every child in Cascade County who needs one. You will be a critical part of protecting our children. 

Your company may have a matching gift program that will  augment your contribution. Inquires can usually be made at the company's benefits office.